A Pilbara Panoptic

Views through the cyclone screens

Cyclone Billy

Posted by MugPunter on December 25, 2008

Well I got Christmas Day off work this year due to the slowdown in the economy; my employer decided to shut down for the day.  As it turned out they probably wouldn’t be producing anyway because of Cyclone Billy.  From where it is now it will have to turn southerly to effect us; hopefully it will slide to the west as predicted.  The only downside will then be that I will have to undo all the tying down and covering up that they did a couple of days ago.  (We’re in the iron ore industry in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.)  I’ll see if I can upload some stuff here.

Estimated Path

Estimated Path

That’s the latest Forecast Track Map from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.  If it stays away from Karratha we’re OK.

STC Billy

STC Billy

A similar thing, this one’s from the US Naval Research Laboratory in California.  These guys have a good track record with predicting our cyclone movements.

Satellite Image

Satellite Image

That’s a satellite image, also from the US Naval Research Laboratory in California.  It probably looks worse than it is.  Outside my house right now it’s dead calm.

Fingers crossed.



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