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Hoon Law Enforcement in Karratha

Posted by MugPunter on March 12, 2009

Driving past the cop shop in Karratha this morning I couldn’t help noticing this car in the fenced yard at the back with a yellow banner over the windscreen with the word “HOON” on it.  On the way back I stopped and took a photo.


I figured that this is what they’re doing with cars impounded under the WA hoon laws when drivers are caught doing burn-outs or street racing etc.  I’ve resolved to email the pic to rellos overseas who don’t believe you can have your car impounded over here.

Before posting to this blog I found this article of six days ago on thewest.com.au.  Apparently this banner thing is a trial only being conducted in Karratha at time of posting.  One of the posters to the blog linked to the article mentions that the number plates of the vehicles are removed while it is impounded in the police yard.  Other posters seem to think that the law only covers drivers doing burn-outs in car parks and is just a beat-up, but I’m quite sure it covers street racing and exceeding the speed limit by a certain margin also.

Where I live I was lying in bed at about 1AM about two years ago and actually heard the impact of a vehicle hitting a tree in someone’s front yard a good 750 meters away.  The guy was full of booze and bad manners and left the residential road airborne and struck the tree with his front passenger door.  He was OK but the passenger was taken away by the ambos and later flown to Perth.  He survived but his heart stopped twice on the way to hospital.


2 Responses to “Hoon Law Enforcement in Karratha”

  1. Settymoff said

    Awesome .. very cool subject. I will write about it as well!!

  2. A Great write up, I will be sure to bookmark this in my Clipmarks account. Have a great evening.

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