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Bah Humbug!

Posted by MugPunter on December 25, 2008

Hello again world,

How about all this baloney about how much we’re spending or not spending over Christmas?

Australians Tipped to Spend Up at Boxing Day Sales; Aussies Spend Up Big Despite Crisis; Shoppers Tipped to Splurge Handouts in $677m Boxing Day Spending Spree.

I don’t bother with gifts and nor does my family, and I think the rationalization by the economists as per this column in The West Australian by Ross Gittins sums up our attitude to the whole thing, even though a different conclusion is reached by the author.  Gittins’ economists take the words out of my mouth when they reason that we know what we want better than others.  I just buy what I want for myself.  This year I got myself sheepskin seat covers for my car because I wanted them.  No need for anyone to go through the mental anguish of guessing what I might want and vice versa.  (By the way, if you want sheepskin covers for your car seats check out www.prestige-sheepskin.com.au.)  Furthermore, I don’t feel the need to bribe my parents into giving me an inheritance, as I know they’ve blown it already, and I’ve already given them a nice house to live in during their retirement so they don’t need to bribe me.

Another column discusses Christmas gifts and the economic paradox of thrift.

As an aside, I got a surprise Christmas gift in the mail this morning from my real estate agent; a nice salad bowl!  I suppose it wasn’t really a big surprise as they give me a gift every Christmas.  I’ll give them a plug too; OrangeTee Commercial & General Real Estate.   When I work out how its done I’ll put all of the good businesses I come across in a list on the main page.

Anyway I’ll have another glass of red to celebrate.  After I’ve chased a cockroach out of my house.

Merry Christmas people!



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