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More Thought Needed in Roebourne Grog Ban Proposal

Posted by MugPunter on June 16, 2009

Call for Roebourne Booze Ban

Roebourne on Grog Ban Hitlist

Roebourne Grog Ban Plan Slammed

This is all very well but what are the drinkers from Roebourne going to do?  At the present, they buy their grog in nearby Wickham which is a ten minute drive away, or alternatively at Point Samson a few more kays down the road, and take it back to Roebourne.  This is because there is currently nowhere to get take away alcohol at Roebourne.  If this proposed ban comes in the only difference that it will make is that they stay in Wickham or Samson to do their drinking, hence all the alcohol problems are just shifted to there.  This is what has happened in other places these total bans have been brought in.  No thanks Supt Ballantyne!

Unfortunately Wickham residents have suffered the implementation of poorly considered alcohol policies before.  For example, the local bottlo used to be open until 8.30 pm, now it shuts at 7.00 pm Mondays through Wednesdays.  Of course, this makes no difference to the problem drinkers who sit on their arses all day and can get grog at their leisure.  However, those who wake up to an alarm at 5.30 am and bust their guts on twelve hour shifts at the nearby iron ore operation are inconvenienced by the fact that the bottlo is shut the moment their shift ends.  If they want a couple of beers after a hard days yakka they need to organize supplies in advance.


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